Bitless bridle

Posted August 4, 2013 by beondho

Over the years there have been many types kaakgekruisde bridles come on the market, each with its own execution. All these creators wanted to be unique in their performance not exactly on the original bridle Dr. RWCook to appear. (This bridle is a worldwide mega success. 100,000-the riders and drivers worldwide drive the bridle) Because there sometimes was not quite thought about the precise operation of the bridle were leather types and thicknesses used that does not quite smoothly worked in respect to the original. There were also variations on the rings on the side.  The one bridle would be even better than the other kwa release. And yes, the word "release" was born and went on to lead his own life.

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Fishy business ...

Posted 17 July 2013 by beondho

 Did you know that manure can give a lot of information about your horse or pony? About his health and what he or she has eaten? 
If the manure is pretty dark brown like the picture then the horse on the grass and he can digest it properly, its flora is in excellent condition. The balls are pretty compact and contain relatively few major plant parts.

Get your horse for example muesli or whole grains you can find this in the manure. Often the slurry is thoroughly investigated by the birds so that the manure is distributed in small pieces. They get these seeds from the manure. The advantage of this is that the manure is divided nicely into small pieces so that it again very easily as a nutrient can be absorbed by the grass. In this way, the digestion of manure is faster than if   the entire round balls remain. Also has the advantage that the sun can dry out any existing worm larvae. But do you want to clean it up immediately make these little pieces of dung it again harder to remove.

 Eat your horse mostly hay? Then the manure lighter in color and has a coarser texture. Also, it is drier than when a horse eats only grass. Sometimes you can sometimes find a green knit. This happens when horses eat a lot and young grass or on a piece of meadow walk which many clover stands.Horses can handle this as well and this leads to intestinal problems. The materials are in short not processed properly and go too quickly through the body which makes it like a dirty work comes falling out. It is clear that you can avoid this kind of problem better.

 Worm larvae can be found back in the manure. Let your studies manure regularly by your vet or a special laboratory on the number and types of worms. This way you can be very effective worming.Unfortunately, over the years, due to misuse of various anthelmintics resistance developed against a number of these agents. Find more on bark collar for your dog .

The manure regularly examined can very focused worming and you never give an unnecessary wormer. Because what is on the packaging does not mean that it applies to your horse. Maybe he has such a minimal contamination that you do not need worming directly and you can skip a round. This not only money but also save yourself the intestines of the horse remain much healthier without these excess funds.